C.N.A. Accelerated Course

Duration: 2 Weeks

C.N.A. Accelerated Course

Home Health Aides are a vital part of the Healthcare industry. More and more seniors and families seek Home Health Aides because they provide care in patients’ homes. Over the past decade, there has been 40% job growth for Home Health aide caregivers.

Our Two-week accelerated Home Health Aide course is designed to provide dualistic benefits for the price of one!  In addition to Home Health aide training, this course also teaches students the necessary knowledge and 23 clinical skills needed to successfully pass the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant examination.  Students also receive one year of Florida Board of Nursing approved continuing education credits. Upon completion of this course, students can register for the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant examination.

C.N.A Accelerated Course


Course Schedules
July 29th – August 8th TBD
August 10th – August 20th TBD
September 14th – September 24th TBD
October 12th - October 22nd TBD
November 9th - November 19th TBD
December 7th - December 17th TBD
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Course Schedule

March 30th – April 9th TBD, April 13th – April 23rd TBD, May 4th – May 14th TBD, June 8th – June 18th TBD, July 6th – July 16th TBD, July 29th – August 8th TBD, August 10th – August 20th TBD, September 14th – September 24th TBD, October 12th – October 22nd TBD, November 9th – November 19th TBD, December 7th – December 17th TBD


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